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The broader product range is making stores more confusing for customers. This transforms shopping into a time-consuming, stressful and chaotic experience. Customers are also paying less attention to the surroundings as their focus is often on their phone screen, making the in-store advertising less effective.

This shoping experience is dominated by online shopping

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We repair customer experience. Analyze store activity, activate shoppers, help them answer their questions at the right time in the right place - in smartphones. Make them love your brand more.

This is Shopix

Let us explain you what is this project about in one short video

Shopping list

The customer will use the app to create his shopping list. This could be made right out of your stock products or out of categories such as dairy, meat etc.

Users can share their shopping lists with each other so it prevents the "I don't know what I am here for" situations.

List sharing

Users will have to choose which store they are going in as almost every store has its own specific structure and location of products. 

Choosing a store

The app will provide your customers with certain information about each store (opening hours, address). Once they are about to enter they press the "Start shopping" button. 

About to enter

The app navigates its user inside the store with or without products integrated from shopping list. Seller is able to promote goods based on previous purchased products for certain account (and provide customer with fully customized promotions). By this tool you are able to get customer to place in your store you want him to visit.



In our opinion shopping, experience has significantly big value, retailers should focus more on making the shopping process as stress-less as possible in order to make the customers want to come back again and again. Our solution will provide you and your customers with new added value. It will make the shopping process smoother, more intuitive for your customer and increase his satisfaction. In the end, this innovation will help you to switch customer relationship to a whole new level and stay competitive even in the fast-changing digital world. 



Feel free to ask any question. If you are interested, we would love to have a meeting with you, answer all of your questions and discus possibilities of our future cooperation.

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